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Control & systems

Control & systems

User-friendly, the control system developed by MEC Dry Kiln allows you to remotely control your drying equipment according to the moisture content of the wood, as determined by our moisture meter. Technology at the service of your efficiency!

Kiln control

Our kiln controls are equipped with a VIPII system developed by MEC Dry Kiln, which can be adapted to any brand of kiln.


  • Easy to operate

  • Adjustable control of all kiln parameters

  • Remote management

  • Control by programmable logic controller (PLC)

  • Automatic HT standard management

  • PID control loop

Kiln control
Moisture reader
Moisture reader
Moisture reader
Moisture reader

Moisture meter

The SCS KILNSCOUT Plate Moisture Meter is a wireless continuous moisture meter available through MEC Dry Kiln.


  • Lots of sample

  • Data accuracy

  • Easy installation and use

Heat recovery system

The heat recovery system operate with a preheated exhaust air inlet.


  • Energy saving

  • Less fresh air directly on the wood

Heat recovery system
Heat recovery system

MEC Advantages

  • 100% aluminium and stainless steel

  • Designed for a northern climate (superior insulation to competition, thermal bridge control)

  • Tools available to improve safety and facilitate maintenance

  • Designed for your needs

  • Technological control of all kiln components

  • Adapted to your energy resources

  • Certified by government agencies

  • Skilled labour

  • 32 years of expertise

  • Turnkey projects available