Exclusive products of Mec Kiln dryer & authorized distribution

The Air Pressure System for damper control


- The Air Pressure System for damper allows for energy saving by limiting the air entry through the vents according to a reading of air pressure in the dry kiln. The savings can be around 10-15% depending on the season.

- This system can be installed on any system.



 Weight scale wood drying process (W.L.M.)

"MEC Kiln Dryer inc." is proud to introduce its fully automated waterloss measurement system (W.L.M.).

The "weight scale wood drying process" system has many advantages regarding conventional sampling methods. The working principals are quite simple. The operator gives to the computer the load volume over the scale and the wood density, then the computer will calculate the moisture content of the wood all the way through the drying process.

The "weight scale wood drying process" system offers the following advantages :
- Fully control ;
- greater sampling :10% to 25% of load
- of the load vs traditional methods (0,005%) ;
- no more probes and cables handling;
- optimizes drying schedules duration ;
- reduces labour and drying costs.

The "weight scale wood drying process" system uses weight scales, which are known all the way through America for their precision and quality. This system represents another powerful and reliable working tool made available to you by "MEC Kiln Dryer inc.".


Authorized distribution of these products

Actuators & valves Belimo



Belimo actuators are commonly used in the world of wood kilns. These actuators allow valves control for heating, of evacuation shutters and of the humidification at a very competitive price.




MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System/b>




The MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System enables the kiln operator to monitor the moisture content of each charge and develops consistent drying time schedules to improve kiln performance and reduce operating costs. The MC4000 will cut costs due to degradation and overdrying and improve grade recovery to help increase the bottom line.